A pragmatic approach

This campaign intends to collect and discuss new ideas, and  focus voters on the basics: #Crime, #Transit an #Infrastructure.

Support law enforcement!

The crime rate in Toronto is alarmingly high! It is the primary role of any government to ensure the safety of its residents.

Expand Transit to Reduce Traffic and Pollution

Free Transit in the downtown area will entice more residents to ride TTC. Recover the cost by charging downtown driving cars.

Refurbish the ageing infrastructure

We owe it to ourselves and to the future generations to refurbish the city's infrastructure, which is showing its age. 

Beware of overpromising, 'pie in-the-sky' politicians!

Let's be honest: the City is broke due to mismanagement. We need austerity, focus on essentials, keep taxes low. 

Affordable Housing is Government waste

Let the free market set the rent prices. People who can't afford to live in the most expensive Canadian City should move out.